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Husky - whole day trip with Petter

Start from Petter's farm and go for a 5-6 hours trip. Price from 2 490 nok. December to March




Geilo Husky AS


At Petter's farm - 30 min from Geilo

The day before, 20:00


Petter Arnesen has about 40 years of experience with dogsledding, outdoor living and he has also trained hunting dogs. This is someone who has husky in his blood and uses every free minute to train dogs.

Even though he has participated in several races, Petter has the last years been the one that makes it possible for others to be achieve their goals in long-distance races. Either as a handler (helping other dogdrivers during race) or by cultivating and training new talent that will compete on the longest races in the world.

The best thing Petter knows is a whole day out with the dogs. He has wonderful trails right from his house and dog-farm and up in the mountains in the area between Skurdalen, Tunhovd and Ål. Here you can drive up the mountain and experience both forest trails and the highlands.

If you want a whole day with Petter and his dogs then you meet up at Petter's address (address will be given at booking) about 30 min drive from Geilo. At 10:00 you start preparing the dogs and get instructions on how to drive your own sled, before you get on the slopes up to the mountains. On the trip up you may need to help the dogs a little, so we recommend you to be used to a bit physical activity.

Usually it is 2 persons per. sled. One driving and one sitting in. You share on driving the sled.


Half way there is a lunch break “the Petter way”. This is how he does it when he is enjoying himself in the mountains. Bread and simple lunch, with some dessert and not least lots of time to cuddle with the dogs. Here is also the time to hear about the dog life of Petter and the family. Of course, Petter also also knows the area around you are better than most people, so you will hear about everything from how they where hunting there in the stone age and other fun facts about the area and Norwegian living.


On the way down the hillside – back to the farm, you will understand why six huskies are enough for the trip. Now you've got the feeling of how the sled works and the dogs are listening, so it's really just fun to enjoy nature and the challenges on the way down. Petter runs the first team and gives you good tips along the way.


Back in the dogyard, you can be part of prepare and feed the dogs before you have to say goodbye to your new friends. This will be four o’clock. The time may vary from weather and snow conditions, so please let us know if you have anything you need variety.


The trip goes as long as the driver is safe and it's not too cold (if there is -20 to -25 degrees, we're considering whether we can carry out).

2 490 NOK pr person

190 NOK pr person if you need transportation to Petters Farm from Geilo. 

Available tours can be found in the calender below. If you are a group of 4-6 that wish for a day trip with Petter in a week-day, send e-mail to - and we can hear if Petter has the opportunity to take the day off his everyday job to take you out. 

Bring: Warm clothes and camera. Petter has some extra you can borrow, but please let us know in advance if needed.

Duration: about 5-6 hours.

Meeting point: Petter's Husky-Farm (adress and directions by booking).

Price includes: Dogsledding, lunch and a day with Petter

Number of participants: Number of participants: Petter has dogs enough to 3 sleds. 4 persons per trip can share a sled. 1 can sit in Petters sled. If you are more people, Petter have a dogdriver-friend that can join him. So let us know if you got questions about capacity .

Age limit: We bring children from 3-11 years old. From 12 years of age, we considered you as an adult and you get to try to drive the sled if desired. Please tell us if you have children under 6 years of age.

Contact us: 

OBS! We have available trips most weekends and extra in christmas/new year and winterholiday. If you do not find any available dates it is because they are fully booked. Send us a e-mail to to be on waiting list if wanted (ps. please send us all days you can participate if you do).

If you want to experience Hardangervidda we have whole day trips there from March to May - check out whole day trips from Halne.


Please contact us for prices, availability and possibly other options for this product. Select the correct number of guests and dates and click "Contact us".



Petters farm - you get more information when booking.