Fatbike day trip - Winter 2020

February-April. 5-7h of fatbiking from 1-12 persons



Geilo - Vestlia

Geilo Aktiv

Vestlia Resort reception area

10 days before, 16:00


Needless to say: for experienced cyclists only.
We'll be riding for 5-7h with one longer (lunch-) stop at a serviced hut. The route will be decided during the days leading up to the trip. We are constantly monitoring track conditions and know where we can take you.

We supply fatbike, pogies and guiding.
You need to bring trail food/ snacks, an insulated water bottle (thermos), and a backpack with spare and emergency clothing.
We will supply a recommended list of gear to bring and items to wear.

Your guide has extensive experience with winter travel and has won the Fat Viking race twice and the Iditarod Trail Invitational 130miles and 350miles event in Alaska.

Please get in touch if you have any questions Geilo Aktiv

PLEASE NOTE: All fat bike cycling is at your own risk. Fat biking is an outdoor activity with varying weather and surface conditions. The activity demands good health and a minimum of coordination skills. Participants need to assure that their health is appropriate and that they will inform the guide of any exceptions or special difficulties. 


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