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FAT VIKING trening

3-dagers kurs med teoretisk og praktisk trening for vinter sykling og konkurranse




Geilo Aktiv

Vestlia Resort

10 dager før, 20:00


FAT VIKING training camp - introduction to winter riding and racing

Monday 25th – Wednesday 27th of January 2021
3-day course with theoretical and practical training for winter riding and racing

This is an introduction course for winter travel and (one-day) races like the FV50, FV100, FV150. 
The course includes indoor presentations/ workshops and a lot of outdoor training/ riding.
We go through the crucial gear choices, practice how to use the gear and train the skills that are needed for safe and efficient winter travel/ racing. 

The topic «winter camping» is also covered, but sleeping outside is optional. We invite participants to stay outside with us on the last night. Camping is NOT compulsory and you don't have to bring camping gear for the training camp if you don't want to sleep outside.
Our base is Vestlia Resort.

Accommodation is NOT included in the course. Please book your own. 
Food is NOT included in the course either, but shops are not far and we will organize meals at Vestlia Resort that you can buy on the days at the base.

During the course we will discuss, demonstrate and help you to make the following gear choices:

1: bikes (tires, pedals, grips, brakes, ...)
2: bikepacking bag systems, pannier racks, pogies
3: proper clothing & layering, emergency clothing, shoes, socks, gaiters, gloves, goggles, helmet, face-protection...
4: hydration systems (hydration bladder, thermos, wide neck bottle, pan + stove, ...)
5: lights, gps (batteries, dynamo hub, ...)
6: Food (what works in the cold, race nutrition)
7: emergency and repair items (fire, first aid, heat packs, tools, pump, inner tube, spares, ...)
8: camping gear (mattress, sleeping bag, tent/ bivvy/ tarp, stove, fuel, ...)

You will learn and practice how to
… set up your bike and pack your gear
... manage moisture/ sweating while riding
... protect face, hands, feet 
… hydrate and eat in the cold
… avoid hypothermia/ frostbite in an emergency situation
… choose the right tire pressure for varying surface conditions
… ride efficiently in changing snow conditions
… fix your bike out on the track
… set up a bivvi site
… use a stove and melt snow efficiently
… get prepared for the FAT VIKING race

Preliminary layout of the program and more information see Geilo Aktiv website 

Start: Monday 25th of January 2021
Duration: 3 days (Monday to Wednesday)
Age: adults only
Price: NOK 2480
The price includes: the course only. Accommodation and food is not included.
Meeting point: reception Vestlia Resort
Contact us: Tel. +47 99349341


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