Bikepacking workshop

Bikepacking workshop 12.-14.7.

helgekurs - kunsten å dra på lett og minimalistisk overnattingstur med sykkelen




Geilo Aktiv


What is Bikepacking?

Bike + travelling = adventure!
Bikepacking is a lightweight and minimalist way of travelling by bike. 
Bikepacking means  that you only take what you really need and cleverly attach everything to the frame, the seatpost, the handlebars. 
Bikepacking means that you pack your gear in a way that keeps your bike agile and able to handle offroad riding. 

Bikepacking has become our lifestyle

We have bikepacked for many years, ten thousands of kilometers through all four seasons.
We bought all the fancy kit, tried our different bikes. We've done most mistakes, learned from trial and error, gained a ton of experience. We became part of the bikepacking community and have learned from others. We have dialed in our gear, we have found solutions and field tested a whole lot of setups.

Now we want to share our knowlegde and experience with YOU.
We believe that not everybody has to learn everything the hard way!

Join us on July 12th-14th for our BIKEPACKING WORKSHOP.
This is a weekend course that should give you the basic skills to successfully complete your own bike packing adventures in the future.

A weekend course from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. 
Maximum of 12 participants.

For more information, schedule, what to bring and what to expect look here: www.bikepacking-norway.com

2500,- per person


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