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Geilo Aktiv

Vestlia Resort

5 dager før, 20:00



We've got 14 GIANT YUKON fatbikes available for the FAT VIKING race and the FAT VIKING training camp. 
(click on the GIANT YUKON link to look at sizing/ geometri/ specs).
Sizes available: 4 x S, 5 x M, 4 x L and 2 x XL. 

Price for the race weekend (choose 29.1.-31.1. in the drop bar menu: NOK 1390 (you can pick up your bike from 17.00 on Thursday 28th of January)
Price for the training camp (choose 25.1.-27.1 in the drop bar menu): NOK 1390 (you can pick up your bike from 17.00 on Sunday 24th of January)
Make sure you add both bookings (training camp and race) to your shopping basket or make two separate bookings if you need a bike for both events. If you have booked a bike for both events you get to keep it during the whole week of course.

Bikes are located in the garage at Vestlia Resort. The key to your bike can be fetched at the hotel reception.

Fatbike rental for FAT VIKING needs to be booked at least ten days in advance. We recommend to book early. 

The bikes come with a pair of simple pogies (Hotpogs or neoprene ones), but without bikepacking bags and without studded tires. 

Please let me know whether you need any bags. There is only a limited amount available. 

+47 99349341/ ninagessler@hotmail.com


All fatbike cycling is at your own risk. 
Fatbiking is an outdoor activity with varying weather and surface conditions. The activity demands good health and a minimum of coordination skills. Participants need to assure that their health is appropriate.
Geilo-Aktiv cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to people or property, including personal clothing and belongings.
Please check with your travel insurance whether they cover activities like fatbiking.
In case of hiring equipment, the hirer is at all times personally liable for any accident that they may cause or damage to people and/or property, including personal clothing and belongings. 
You must accept full responsibility for the equipment and understand there will be a charge for theft, loss or damage to the equipment.

When renting one of our fatbikes you need to read and agree to the FATiquette trail manner rules.
(we love riding our fatbikes around here and we don't want to piss off anybody. Let the fun continue. To infinity and beyond!)

Start FAT VIKING race rental: you can pick up your fatbike from 5pm on Thursday
Duration: return before 5pm on Sunday (extended times may be arranged before booking. Get in touch)
Start FAT VIKING training camp rental: you can pick up your fatbike from 5pm on Sunday
Duration: return Thursday 9am or keep it if you booked the race rental, too.
Age: adults (over 145cm/4 foot 9” tall)
Price: NOK 1390
The price includes: fatbike, helmet, pogies
Meeting point: reception Vestlia Resort
Website: www.geilo-aktiv.com
Contact us: Tel. +47 99349341


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