Animal caretaker for a day

Animal caretaker for a day. For children from 6 years.


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Langedrag Naturpark


Zookeeper for a day - animals best friend

Join us in feeding, cleaning and grooming our various animals along with our zookeepers. Be the good assistant of our guide during the feeding of the wild boars, reindeers, moose, redfox and polarfox. inbetween the feedings you will also get to try horse riding!

This is what a day for zookeeper for a day will be like:

The zookeepers show up for "work" in the reception at 10.00. Here the children will each get their own zookeeper t-shirt and nametag, and you will recieve information on the program for the day. At this time the parents will also get to ask any questions you might have. Afterwards you venture out into the farm. Animals are let out, droppings are cleaned, animals are fed and groomed, perhaps there are even som eggs?

At the feeding of the wild boar, reindeer and the moose at 12.00, the children get to help the guide! After the feeding is done ca. 13.00, it's time for lunsj and horse riding togethere with the parents.

The kids meet our guides again on the wolf terrace at 14.00 to help with the feeding of the wolves, lynx and foxes. According to what we've heard the foxes often rewards the kinds with a little massasje, after a long days work!

There is a different price for children with annual pass and overnight guest. 
The entiry ticked is included in the price of this aktivity for the children. 

When the kids are done for the day, there is a diploma inn the resepsion as a thank you for the efforts!

The entery ticked for the child is included in this activity.
The kids with annual passes or staying guests have different prices for this activity.

The children can be alone on this activity, but will be alone without supervision during lunch break.

If you want to be with the kids in the park, you will need to buy your own entery ticket's. 

This activity is fit for children from 6 -12 years old

Remeber clothes the children can work in