Dog sledding

Dog sledding during summertime


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Langedrag Naturpark


Feel our sled dogs power and joy from running - all year round!

Sled dogs are bred to run and they absolutely love it, they aren't stopped by the lack of snow. Our dogs are ready to pull you all along the gravel roads by the ponds during the autumn training to prepare for the grand adventures of the winter season. 

For most activities we hope for sunshine and great weather, but that's not the case with dogsledding during the warmer seasons. Huskies love weather well below freezing point, so during the summer season we are very weather dependent. The temperature has to be 12-13 degrees celsius or colder in order to arrange dogsledding, this is for the health of our dogs. Please order this activity in the reception, as it is the weather that decides if we can go through with it or not.

Practical information:
- Our summer season trips are run on gravel roads around the farm. One round takes about 15 - 20 minutes
- Show up about 10 minutes before the starting time down in the dog kennel, or at the place appointed in the reception
- Bring warm clothes that can withstand getting wet/dirty
- Check the weather rapport - bring weather appropriate clothes, remember that conditions in the mountain can change quickly!
- There's room for 7 people per round 
- This activity is dependent upon the weather and can be cancelled on short notice if it's too warm for the dogs

Seeing as dog sledding is entirely dependent upon cold weather for the dogs, we can't schedule trips far ahead in time.
Reach out to us if there is a particular day you wish to go dog sledding!

If dog sledding is cancelled due to the weather, we can arrange extra trips for hiking with huskies.