Hiking with huskies

Get a guidet tour with your "own" husky all summer. On request rest of the season. Price from 250 NOK


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Langedrag Naturpark


Feel the strength of the dogs as you walk in the beautiful mountians between Hallingdal and Numedal 

Want to go on a trip in the mountians surrounding Langedrga Naturpark? What could be better than to share the trip with mans bestfriend, dogs, when mountian hiking in a beautiful landscape? It is fit for anyone than can walk in a slightly to moderate uneven terrain. 

Practical information:

Meet up outside the dog kennel 10 o'clock.

Recomend hiking shoes or good sneakers. It can be wet and slippery further in the mountian.

Warm and windproof clothes. The waether changes quickly, and it is often very windy at the tops.

It is very nice to have something to drink when you get to the top.

You will get your own dog assigned to you and will learn how to understand their bodylanguage. 

You'll feel how much the dog loves to drag you with them, and gets great joy from walking with you!

The dogs are strong and you must therefore be at least 14 years old to go alone with the dog. You can be two or more on one dog.

Meet up at 10 o'clock in the kennel, there you'll be back around 12 o'clock.

Minimum 3 people signed up! We will contact you to find another time or date if there isn't enough signed up.