Fox camp

Join us inside with our foxes. From 190 NOK


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See the fox up close as a fox trainer!

Is it possible to train a fox? How does it live? Where does it live?

In the fox camp you will get even closer to our arctic and red foxes. They will come close enough to be fed and even to give you our legendary fox massage! You will also learn how the fox lives and what makes the arctic fox endangered in its own habitat.

Fox camp is for everyone no matter the age and is equally fun for both young and old!

Price: 190 NOK per person

Who: For everyone, but children under six years old must be accompanied by an adult. There is uneven terrain in the fox enclosure, and it is therefore not possible to get in with a wheelchair or a pram.

When: The fox camp is hosted every day, all year round. If you cannot find anything available on the day of your visit – contact us at

Length: The visit itself takes about 30 minutes

Where to meet up: Meet up outside of the reception entrance

Includes: Handfeeding the foxes, find out where they live, what they eat and what role they play in nature, while the foxes are with us the entire time. The foxes are trained and we will show you some of the cool tricks we have taught them.

What you learn: You will become acquainted with both our arctic and red foxes. Where they live, what they eat and how we can secure that they get the best conditions out in the wilderness. During the camp you will become more trusting towards our foxes, and learn lots of how they live out in nature.

Important to remember: We are going into the foxes’ home. It is important that we behave well and listen to the guide. Watch out for loose objects such as beanies and mittens – wear them or keep them in a closed pocket, as the foxes can grab them.

Did you know?

The arctic fox has better fur than the polar bear. Why is that so? Find out at the fox camp!

Can you not find a booking for the desired time? Send us an e-mail at – and we will see if we can find an available time for you or put you on a waiting list.


 NB! We need a minimum of 2 people in order to proceed with this guided tour.