Lynx yard visit

Come with us into the Lynx yard and experience the great animals up close during an unforgettable visit!


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Langedrag Naturpark


Join us in the lynx yard for an unforgettable journey with our lynx!

The mystic and majestic lynx is far from a usual sight in the Norwegian forests and mountains. We know it is there, but rarely is it seen. Through our work we have made the lynx safer and a lot more trusting towards humans. This is a great experience for us, while we also see it as a great enrichment of your life. This is an experience that is hard to put into words, and one usually becomes silent in the silence, and then the magical moments grow and the ancient human in you awakens.

Before you can go into the lynx yard there will be an introduction from the guide on how to act while inside, there will of course be the possibility to ask questions both under the introduction and under the visit itself.

We have trips to our lynx every day!

This trip gives fantastic opportunities to take photos, and we also arrange separate photo days, where you can get photos with all our predators.

We also have the option of hosting own trips for groups. Contact us at if you wish to book a trip for your group

Practical information:

You must be 15 or above to enter

The terrain in the enclosure is uneven, and you must be able to move without assistance.

You meet up in the fireplace hall by the reception

Dress according to the weather.


 NB! We need a minimum of 2 people in order to proceed with this guided tour.