Dog sledding - 1 hour

Join the dogs for a longer trip with your own sled, price from 1000,-


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Langedrag Naturpark

Large parkingplace at arrival

By the dog kennel, just beyond the parking lot


Want to try dog sledding with your own sled?

Try going on a longer trip 1000 meters above sea level with our amazing huskies.

If you think you'd like the experience of steering your own sled with 5-8 eager huskies, then you should try one of our longer trips - such as our one hour trip. This trip gives you an insight in the amazing experience that is dog sledding, and it gives you the chance to get the feel of it, with many moments of wonder during the trip. Marvel at the beautiful scenery while the dogs get to do what they love most of all, running and pulling a sled in the snow.

As long as the conditions of the snow is good and the guide deems it safe to do so, we welcome all adults to steer your own sled. Each sled can carry 1-3 (if small children) passengers and one person steering the sled. The guide will be on the first sled making sure that everyone makes the round safely and has a good experience.

Dog sledding is an activity fit for all ages (*small children should not participate on the coldest days.) and is a nice way to enjoy the nature around Langedrag.

It's very important that you book at least one adult per child to be able to steer your own sled, two children can fit in the sled if they are small.

Price: 1000,- NOK for adults and 800,- NOK for children. please note, we would like it if you noted the age of any children in the commentary of your booking.
Who can go dog sledding: This is an activity fit for everyone. To steer your own sled you have to be at least 12 years old. There are reindeer pelts in the sled to keep a little warmth for those riding in the sled.
When: We arrange trips every friday, saturday and sunday for as long we have enough snow. We can also arrange trips on other days - please contact us on
Time: The trip takes about an hour
Attendance: By the dog kennel just beyond the parking lot, please show up about 5-10 minutes before your booked time, and please note unforseen happenings can occur and cause delays, the reception will call you if there are any significant delays.
Tips: Dog sledding is an activity where it is quite easy to get cold as you don't typically move that much, we therefore highly recommend that you dress very warmly and bring good shoes, socks and mittens.
What you can learn: become familiar with dog sledding and learn how to work with the dogs while you steer the sled by breaking at the right times while balancing on the sled. See how the guide interacts with the dogs by giving them different commands. There will also be a short brief before the trip where the guide teaches you a bit about dog sledding.

We also offer dog sledding trips with various lengths if an hour isn't what you had in mind, we have shorter trips at around 15 minutes and longer trips that take you further into the mountains. Please see our other trips on our online booking or send us a mail at

Did you know?
At Langedrag there are 30 huskies, some siberian but most are Alaskan. These huskies are bred to run for vast distances, they have thick fur, large paws and athletic bodies that loves running and being outdoors even with temperatures as low as minus 30 degrees celsius.

Can't find an available trip on your preferred day? send us a mail at - and we will check our availability or put you on a waiting list.