Dog sledding - 4 hour trip

Join the dogs for a longer trip up in the mountains with your own sled. Price from 2 500,- NOK


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Want a memorable day on a sled?

Dog sledding for 4 hours gives you that real feeling of being on a trip with your completely own dog sled

If you want to go on a trip far beyond the normal, then you should try a trip with your own dog sled into the mountains behind Langedrag.

While on the 4 hour trip you will be on a real workout with nice stops along the way to pet and enjoy your time with the dogs, learn more about dog sledding and get some warmth back in your body. This is how you get the ultimate trip feeling. On this trip you will really get to know how it is to be a dog sledder and you will challenge yourself a bit more in some steeper hills and higher altitudes than our shorter trips. If you choose this trip you also be allowed to help put and take off the harnesses on our dogs and learn how to decide where to position dogs in your sled. You will become well acquainted with “your” dogs during the preparation, trip and petting sessions in the breaks. The trip itself lasts for about 3-3.5 hours. There will be a lunchbreak during the trip. If the weather is good we can promise you a fantastic view.

Because our dogs derive great pleasure from variation we have this trip every Monday and Thursday.

“There will be a nice stop underway to pet the dogs, learn more about dogsledding and get some warmth in your body”

The 4 hour dog sledding fits for most 4 years and up. It is important that the person who is going to control the sled can move in snow and it also important to have good winter clothes. In the sled, most people can have good time as long as they are well clothed. This is a great way to get out into nature if you are handicapped or have other difficulties with moving in snow.

The trip includes warm lunch and warm drinks. It is important to give us a message in the comment field if you have allergies or anything else we must consider in that regard.

Price: 2500 kr for adults og 2000 kr for children 4 years and up. IMPORTANT! Please write the children’s age into the comment field.

Who: For whoever desires a greater challenge! To drive your own sled you must be a minimum of 12 years. Children from 4 years and up can sit in the sled on the reindeer skin. IMPORTANT! No children can ride without an adult.

When: The rides are every single Monday and Thursday as long as there is snow. We will happily have dog sledding another day – contact us if you have other wishes (

Time: The experience takes 4 hours overall.

Where to meet: Meet next to our dog kennel, which is down by the parking lot, 5-10 minutes before the time you have booked.

Includes: Dog care, dog sledding for 3-3.5 hours, dog petting, warm lunch, experienced dog sledders as instructors and sled which you have alone (2 per sled).

Important to remember:  Be well clothed, even if you are on a reindeer skin it can be quite cold. Important to have gloves/mittens no matter the temperature.

What you learn: Become familiar with dog sledding, how the dogs cooperate when it gets hard, og how to control the sled in uneven terrain. See how the dog sledder controls the dogs with commands. You must learn to control the sled og brake at the correct time. You also learn how to take care of the dogs before and after.

Do you want a shorter or longer trip? We have different lengths to our trips, and offer 15 minute trips if you just want a little taste, and even longer trips deeper into the mountains. Check out other dog sledding activities at our online booking or send us an email at

Did you know that?

Alaskan Husky holds the record for fastest running over longest distance. The Alaskan Husky is known for its stamina and longevity. It is also a fantastic friend to have on trips and the best furry friend you can imagine.

Can’t find an open spot on the desired day? Send us a mail at – and we will se if we can find an open spot for you, or put you on a waiting list.