1 hour horseback riding

Join an hour long horse ride around the park. Trip that is suited for the entire family!


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Langedrag Naturpark


Horseback ride in the park's beautiful nature

An hour long horseback ride on Norway's national horse Fjording in the park's beautiful nature 1000 meters over sea

This tour is for you who haven't ridden before, or haven't ridden for a long time,

Details surrounding the tour depends on the season and in the summer it starts at the farm and goes by a gravel road where you'll get to know your horse, before it goes to where you get to try riding on uneven terrain - over and through hills! This horseback riding give you a sense of accomplishment and is the perfect riding tour for the family, friend group or team building!

Here, everyone over the age of 12 can ride alone. If one is younger than the age of 12 you can be led by an adult over the age of 18, or 16 if they have experience with horses. 

If you need to buy a leader to guide the horse you need to book it before the trip! It's not possible to buy a leader in week 29 and 30!


 -Shoes with a heels for example rubber boots or hiking shoes.

 -Riding helmet/ bicykle helmet - can also be rented here!

 -Clothes based on weather

How the trip is carried out:

Meet in the stable 5-10 minutes before your tour starts. Here you'll be met by one of our employees. If you have any questions about the equipment, requests about the horse or need help finding a helmet, this is where you'll get assistance. 

First of all we would like to know about your experience with riding. There you will be assigned horses and get a briefing on what will happen on the tour, you'll get help to get on your horse. First there will be a small introduction on how to start, stop and turn the horses. Then we are ready to ride in line and just enjoy the trip!

The trip is carried out in walk, with the possibility of some trotting if everyone is okay with it.

The guide will of course be available to ask for help, or questions you might have, throughout the trip - HAVE A GOOD TRIP!


We have riding tour's very day the entirety of the year. Do you wish to book your own tour for your group or want one that is more fast-paced? Contact us at post@langedrag.no 

You can also check-out 2- 3 hour long horse ride in the mountain for a longer tour up in the highest mountain we call "Snaufjellet"  - that is the name of the mountain where there are no trees.