Pony ride / snowrace behind horse

Ticket you can use for pony-ride or voltige


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There are ponyrides available for the children every day from 11:30-12:30 and 15:30-16:30

Ponyriding is a good and safe way for the smallest children to try horseriding! In our ponyriding we focus on making the children feel safe and secure on the horseback.

Vi har ponyriding each day in the entire year.


Voltige – during the summer

Voltige is an activity that requires balance, as you will be balancing and playing on the horse’s back. Try to ride without holding the reins, side saddling and even backwards!

Skiing behind the horses – during the winter

During this fun activity you will be seated on a snowracer, which will then be pulled by the horse! There must be a person above 15 years of age to accompany any smaller children. The child is old enough to ride alone when it can brake the snowracer by itself.


The child is old enough to ride voltage when it can sit by itself, we adapt the exercises according to the child’s age and skill.

It is also possible to purchase ticket in the kiosks and reception, or you can use Vipps at the location.

Feel free to bring your own riding or biking helmet.