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Welcome to Langedrag. We are open every day between 10.00 - 18.00


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Langedrag Naturpark



Welcome to a day full of wonderful
experiences fit for all ages!

The park is open between 10.00 - 18.00 all year round*
*The park is closed on christmas eve, christmas day and on the 17th of May.

We welcome you to the naturepark and farm, Langedrag. We've welcomed both young and old for more than 40 years to meet our animals and experience the nature in a uniquely manner. Our philisophy is that "what you're fond of, you take care of." - At our park you'll get to meet and learn about 25 different species.

In our main season (weekends and holidays)** we arrange daily guidings to the wild boars, reindeer and moose. You get to enter the enclosure of the reindeer and moose and feed them out of your hand. later in the day you can join the feeding of our predators, the wolves and the lynx, and finally the foxes where you will have the chance to enter and visit the foxes.

All through the day you can enter the farmyard to visit all of our farm animals. Here you can meet the mischievous goats, the cuddly cows and proud fjord horse. At the end of the day you can join the evening care in the barn where you can join our staff and milk the goats, this is included in the entrance ticket.

Additional information

If you want several days in the park, we have accommodation for overnight stays. As an overnight guest you can participate in our morning care of the goats or huskies, or you can listen to our storytelling around the fireplace in the evenings. If you live close by there is a discount for the two-day ticket.

Short horse riding trips and simple acrobatic riding is quite popular with the children, this is an activity you don't have to pre-book. If you wish to participate in some of our other activities such as dog sledding, riding trips, visit to the wolves orvisit to the lynx we recommend you book this some time in advance to make sure you are able to participate in the activities you wish and secure a spot. the program for the different activities you can find on our website www.langedrag.no

For the children

We have play-areas for children with a focus on learning through playing, there are fun activities, nature-paths and posts for various challenges where you can compare to the animals in a fun way. We have several play grounds as well as a zipline, swing rack, climbing wall and a sandbox that are open for use all day. with our focus on learning through play this is sure to give good experiences for all ages.

Dining places

There are several small kiosks in the park (these are only open during the summer) in addition to our café. There are tables and benches outdoors spread around in the park. As our farm animals roam free in summer, we have enclosed areas named "geitefritt" (goat free) where you can eat in peace without being surrounded by goats trying to share your lunch.


You can participate in a wide variety of activities in our park, these activities can be booked online or in our reception. Short horse ride trips and simple acrobatic on horseback can be booked online or you can buy tickets for this in the recption.

Dogs in the park

Dogs are sadly not allowed in the park for safety reasons. you can have your dog in the car, or borrow one of our kennels. There are 4 kennels so it's first comes first serves and the dogs are there on your own responsibility. If you wish to use the kennel you first have to notify the reception and leave your information (name and phone number). You are not allowed to tie your dog outside your car and leave it alone as we have a lot of animals that roam free that can hurt your dog or your dog can hurt our animals. There isn't a roof over the kennel but there is a dog house in each of the kennels. 
There are also no padlocks on the kennels so if you want you can bring your own, it will need to be big as the smaller ones don't fit on the doors.

Practical information

The weather in the mountains can change quickly so we recommend being prepared for any weather.
We also recommend shoes that can handle getting wet and becoming dirty even on clear sunny days as it could still be wet from a previous rainfall. If you're going on a ride we ask that you bring your own riding helmet/ biking helmet, but you can borrow this with us. The horse ride trips are held on uneven terrain and across streams so we recommend bringing good comfortable shoes that can handle getting wet like mountain hiking shoes or boots.


Our guidings are mainly held in norwegian, with some translations to english if we are notified in advance. Large groups can book their own guide to translate everything to english.

We also have a QR-code located at all the gudings and in the reception that you can scan and hear in english or spanish.

If you have any inquiries please contact us at post@langedrag.no or call our office between 10.00 - 17.00 at 32742550

Welcome to an experience that lasts.

**In the low season we do not offer a full program. Dependent on the school camps we host and the amount of visitors we have we can make arrangements, please call us ahead of your visit if you want to know more. 

When you're booking online, remember to choose the right date.

we do not refund online booked tickets or activities, you can however change the date of your visit!

You can not book tickets for only a child, if you need to book for more children than are already in your booking, these tickets can be bought in the reception.

The park opens at 10.00 and closes at 18.00. Our café is open from 11.00 until 17.00. The shop and reception closes at 17.00.

The guidings with wild boar, reindeer, moose, wolf, lynx and foxes are included in the entrance ticket.

Located 1000 meters above sea level in the mountains between Hallingdal and Numedal lays Langedrag naturepark as a sight to behold. Lying just above the tunhovdsfjord with a chain of mountains wherever you turn, the nature here in and of itself is quite the experience. With a lot of different animals you can meet closely we have rabbits, goats, sheep, dogs and a variety of birds, we also have larger animals like cows, horses and pigs. As well as our enclosed wild animals who we work closely with so they feel safe with us and our visitors to make the best experience for both humans and animals alike.