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The exhibition "Into the Art"

An exhibition about the Romantic Nationalism period and its paintings


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Nes kommune


Time: Wednesday 11-17, Saturday and Sunday 11-16 (June 27 - August 31, 2020).

Price: 60 per. person (50 per person in groups of 11 or more)

Where: Sorenskrivergården, Nesbyen

In the old office building of Sorenskriveren (The Magistrate) you can join a journey into the art of Hans Gude and his artist friends in Norway and Europe. It is also a journey of discovery in the Nesbyen environment as Hans Gude met it. In the "red room" you can explore local, national and European art history through interactive picture frames. In the main room ("the green room") is a miniature copy of the Sorenskrivergården (The Magistrates house). If you look in through the windows you get a glimpse of life in the magnificent courtyard. Along the walls you can read about Gude and his life, and you can meet his family and friends through portrait galleries. In the "blue room" can fly over the landscape where Hans Gude and his friends painted. In the Brewery House you will find the exhibition "Faces in Nes" with portraits of locals that the artists met on their visits.

Larger groups (11 or more persons) can contact info@nesbyen.no for a request for a tour of the exhibition outside the opening hours.

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