Dog sledding

Try your hand as a musher! Adults NOK 1700,-. Children 3-9 years NOK 850,-.


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Dog sledding

Eikre / Lykkja

Hemsedal Huskies

Your chosen pick up location if you have chosen transport or at the Hemsedal Huskies Farm.

The day before, 17:00


Ever wondered what it's like to be a musher?

This can be your chance! Hemsedal Husky offers "Self-drive" dog sledding! Meaning you will be in charge of your own mushing team, with the guide driving his own in front. 

Choose where you will be picked up. After a 30 minutes drive from the center of Hemsedal you will arrive at Hemsedal Husky center.  

Here you will meet a bunch of exited dogs! You will be guidet in how to prepare the sled and given an introduction to dog sledding before take off. No prior experience is needed. 

You will share the sled with another guest; one driving, one riding it as the passenger, and the halfway point you will switch. 


  • Price: 1700NOK per person / 850NOK for children 3 - 9 years
  • Age limit: children 0 - 5 years should join on the lap of an adult 
  • Location: Lykkja, about 30 minutes from Hemsedal Center 
  • Duration: about 3 hours if you join our transport, if you drive yourself about 2 hours inkl tuition and the tour.
  • What to wear: clothes depending on weather conditions - we recommend layers with wool, primaloft / wind stopper, winter shoes. We also recommend to bring something to drink and a snack. 

  • Transport: We offer transport from Skigaarden, Skarsnuten Hotel, Fyri Resort, Skistar Lodge Alpin and Hemsedal Tourist  Office with return after the activity. Price nok 600,- per booking (not depending on nr of persons) from Fyri, Skistar Lodge Alpin and Hemsedal Tourist Office meeting time either 0915 or 12.15 and nok 850,- from Skigaarden and Skarsnuten Hotel meeting time either 0930 or 12.30 depending on which tour you have chosen. 

All is set for a great adventure! 


Search for Hemsedal Huskies Dogsledding on Google Maps or see - some gps guides choose a strange Way to the farm. If you come from Hemsedal turn left at Kiwi and then follow the Road upwards until you come to the crossings where you can turn right -a sign saying Fuglehaugen Motorsenter. Follow this Road until you have passed the Road up to Huso Lodge (dont go up there) the dog farm is on the left hand side of the Road.