Mountain Cart

Two trip NOK 550,- incl liftpass


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Mountain cart

Hemsedal Skicenter

Hemsedal Huskies

Hemsedal Bike Rental at Skistar Lodge Alpin

The day before, 20:00


Mountain Cart is a safe, fun and speedy acitivty suitable for the whole family. A Mountain Cart is a ”grown 3wheelbike” without pedals, but with good breaks on the handels so its easy to controll the speed. No prior knowledge is necessary. All prices includes liftcard. It is a height requirement of 140 cm, this to reach the place where you rest your feet during. Children not long enough to go on their own are allowed to go with an adult.

In the online booking you can only book an experience with 2 trips. If you want just one singel trip or more than 2 please contact us and we will help you or call +47 483 86 018.

The Mountain Carts have different sizes. We recommend these heights for the different sizes:
S: 140-165 cm
M: 155-180 cm
L: 170-195 cm
XL: 180-210 cm

Opening hours for the lift:            
05.07-21.07.2019    Friday-Sunday            10.00-16.00 

22.07-04.08.2019    Thursday-Sunday       10.00-16.00   

05.08-18.08.2019    Friday-Sunday            10.00-16.00

19.08-29.09.2019    Saturday-Sunday        10.00-16.00   

30.09-06.10.2019    Thursday-Sunday       10.00-16.00                                                                                                               

We also arrange group events with guide, and mountain cart with car shuttel other days on request. Contact us at or +47 483 86 018.



Alpine Ski Centre 10 m
Center 3 km