Cross Country Course

90 minutes (midweek og weekend). Choose between different levels. NOK 1550,- per person.


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City town


Gravset Cross COuntry Stadion

2 days before, 12:00


Time for the different courses.

WEEKEND, Saturday and Sunday:

Classic some experience 11.00-12.40

Classic beginners 11.00-12.40

MIDWEEK, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday:

Classic some experience 19.00-20.30

Classic beginners 19.00-20.30


This cross-country course is for those who have not gone skiing a lot and need a course to master the classical cross country enough to go good ski tours. You find it difficult to get the flow and glide on skis. We'll crack a few key codes for you, so you have mastered the technique so well that you are confident to explore the winter wonderland!


This course is for those who are completely new. You have only tried cross country 0-5 times before.

Course aim: Learning basic cross country skiing, so you can start walking tours on skis.

Each group consists of 4-7 persons.

Skiequipment: Do you need ski equipment? Contact us at and we will help you,

If there is not enough places for you, you would like skating or have any questions please dont hesitate to contact us.

We can also arrange transportation if necessary.