Electric bike and hardtail mountainbike rental


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City town

MOH Sport

The day before, 20:00


MOH Sport i Hemsedal town centre offer rental of electrical bikes both with ull and back(hardtail) suspension and "normal" hardtail mountain bikes. 

Prices summer 2018 in Nok

                                                  1 day    2 days    3 days

Electrical hardtail                    650        1040        1560

Electrical full sustepension   850        1360        2040    

Mountain bike hardtail          350          560           840

Size guide

Hardtail  S up to 170cm

Hardtail M  162-180cm

Hardtail L from 177cm and up

E-bike lady(dame) hardtail S up to 164cm

E-bike lady(dame) hardtail M 157-172cm

E-bike hardtail M 162-180cm

E-bike hardtail L from 177cm

Full suspensjon E-bike M 162-180 cm

Full suspension E-bike L from 177cm           




Alpine Ski Centre 3 km
Center 10 m


In Hemsedal town - same building as Høyt & Lavt Climbingpark