Stand Up Paddle

A nice and fun water activity for the whole family - SUP board, oar and floating vest (NOK 300,- per. pers.)


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Trailhead Nesbyen AS

På Hjørnet Nesbyen (Stasjonsvegen 1, 3540 Nesbyen) or other agreed meeting place


Rent SUP boards and equipment: NOK 300, - per. pers. per day
Rent SUP board and transport / pick-up along the river: NOK 500, - per. pers. per day
SUP safari with instructor / guide: NOK 950, - per. pers. per day


Stand up paddle is a nice and fun water activity that the whole family will master. The basic product includes inflatable SUP-boards (with pump), paddle oar and floath vests. The board does not take up much space when not inflated, so it can easily be transported in a ordinary car.

Where? The lakes Trytetjern, Skålsrudstølvannet or Mykingsjøen are good places for a calm and safe SUP-trip. If you are looking for a little action, Hallingdalselva flows relatively smooth and wide downstream from Nesbyen towards Liodden or Bromma.

Transport: We can offer transportation and pickup from agreed pickup points if you want to float downstream on the river. Bromma, about one mile downstream from Nesbyen, is a good destination for the trip. Check the box for transportation and we will pick you up here or at another agreed pickup point.

Guide: We also offer SUP safari on Hallingdalselva with a guide/instructor who will guide you and give tips on technique. This can be reassuring if you have never tried Stand Up Paddle earlier.

Duration and meeting place:
Up to 6 hours (usually 10-16, but we are flexible and agree the appropriate time when the order is made).

Standard meeting point is outside Gøtt Pub (by Nesbyen Tourist Office). If you stay overnight in Nesbyen town center, we can pick you up by appointment. Otherwise, we are flexible with where the boards can be picked up / delivered. We will contact you about this this when the order is made.

For other questions - contact or


As with other low intensity activity, dress for today's weather. Compare the intensity of a stroll in the woods.

Your clothes CAN get wet, but most people manage to stay above water the whole time.

Your feet usually get a bit wet, especially when it´s a bit windy. Sandals or crocs works great. Sneakers with a soft sole also works great. Shoes with a hard sole like mountain shoes can damage the board and should not be used.

You will get a floating vest (not life jacket) when renting a board. This also warms a little.

Dry bag is available if for transport of clothes, mobile etc. This can be fastened on the front of the board.


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