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Day pass (10-16)


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Trailhead Nesbyen AS

Outside Gøtt Pub, Stasjonsvegen 2, 3540 Nesbyen

The day before, 18:00


Cancellation Policy: Cancellation up to 4 days prior to the activity, minus a 5% service charge.

Shuttle Bus information

The shuttle buses starts at 10 from Gøtt pub in Nesbyen centre. From there, they run continuously from 10-16:30 between Blingsmovegen (bus stop by the Protan factory) and lake Trytetjern or the West Side. There will be about 30 min break for lunch during the day.

With a day pass, you can enjoy the trails at your own pace and hop on the first available car when you are down again. In the cases where there are a small number of participants, the group in the car can decide where the trip goes.

Nesbyen is one of Norway's best places for efficient MTB shuttling. The viewpoint Utsikten, a couple of hundred meters west of lake Trytetjern, is the trailhead for a dozen legendary trails. "Den Ravinde" is described as one of the best flow trails in the country and is a must! The "Enduroløypa" is gentle and nice as a warm-up. Klassikeren and NC-løypa offers high speed and technical challenges. You will find all the trails on

Capacity is up to 48 distributed on 3 cars per day. 1 car for 1-12 people, 2 cars for 13-24 people and 3 cars for 25-48 people.

Summer 2022

Trailhead offers online shuttle booking every day until 28.08.22, then on weekends throughout the season. They also run on weekdays after 28.08, but only by direct order.

Lunch at The Bear House Cafe

It is important to eat well to keep your energy up! Take a nice little lunch break at The Bear House Cafe with delicious barista coffee, homemade food, and something sweet, Then the rest of the day on your bike will be even more magical!

We will serve you

  • Freshly made sandwich of the day (veggie and glutenfri options available)
  • A slice of homemade cake
  • Choice of coffee from the espresso machine
  • A piece of fruit

The price is 150,- NOK per person, and is an extra supplement to the shuttle pass

Cafe opening hours

  • In June, July and August – Wednesday to Sunday 10:00-17:00
  • In September – Friday to Sunday 10:00-17:00

The Bear House Cafe homepage

More Information

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You can see the number of available seats in the drop-down box above. Bookings must be made before 18:00 the day in advance for a guaranteed seat. Bookings in person on the same day is possible, but a seat is not guaranteed. For any questions, se for contact info.

This summer the fantastic Hallingspranget of 17 km, built by Trailhead Nesbyen, will open. The trail will have its own shuttle bus, Fjellinken, that will provide shuttling. More information will be available when the Fjellinken buss is open for bookings.