User agreement

The agreement also includes "Privacy Policy" that you can read on the following link: (Norwegian)

For product purchased through Færder Kajakk AS, hereafter "the vendor".

Online booking- General conditions for booking of activities.

The vendor is responsible for you as a customer when you are booking your activity trough this site. We will make sure that you get all the necessary information before travelling, and will be in touch if any essential changes occur regarding your booking. If you feel the need to contact us before or during your travel, we will be available at phone and email. Contact info can be found on the website.

Payment – online booking

Payment is made when the booking is complete, and the booking will be approved when the full amount is paid. Activities that have been booked online is non-refundable and is to be used on the day placed in the order. We take into consideration that spelling errors may occur, and online prices may differentiate, because of technological challenges.

Responsibility / insurance / health

We recommend that you have a travelers insurance that covers any sickness or illness that may occur, and also loss of personal belongings.

The customer is responsible for:

NB! Any activities are at your own risk.

  • The customer is responsible for reading and understanding all the information in the booking order.
  • The customer is responsible for considering if they are mentally and physically suitable to attend the activity.
  • The customer is responsible for wearing suitable clothing during the activity.
  • The customer is responsible for following instructions given before, during and after the activity.
  • The customer is responsible for ensuring that any age limits are to be strictly followed.
  • The customer is responsible for not showing up intoxicated. If this occurs, the person cannot attend the activity, and there will be no refunds.
  • The customer is responsible for showing up at the right address and at the right time, which is stated in the booking order.
  • The customer can be held economically responsible for loss or damage to equipment which is caused by negligence or willfully intent by the customer.

The vendor is responsible for:

  • That the activity is being completed according to the description of the activity.
  • To make sure that the information regarding dates and time, pricing, age limits, what the activity entails and place, is correct at all times.
  • Making sure that everything needed to execute the activity according to insurances, permissions, equipment and staffing is up to standard.

PS: the vendor maintains the right to deny any involvement from the customers if they deem the customer as a threat to security.

Force Majeure and weather conditions

Any occurring events that is outside the vendor's control – fire, grand thefts, natural disasters etc. gives the vendor the right to cancel the agreement without any liability.

We take into condition that changing the time or cancelling the activity due to weather conditions that causes it to be negligent to execute the activity may occur. If cancelled, the payment will be fully refunded to the customer.


When you are booking your activities, you need to register your e-mail, full name, address and phone number. This information will only be used to contact you regarding the booking if necessary.

By using this website, you are agreeing that we can storage cookies in your browser. “Cookies” is standard technology, which is used by most websites today and is used to enhance the user-experience of the website. This information will only be used internally in the company and will never be sold to any second-party companies. We will never save any information that could lead to identification of specific customers. If you click the “remember me” function, or “auto login”, there will be a cookie saved that will make it possible for you to have an automatic login later.

Right of withdrawal

The legislation about right of withdrawal, chapter 6 §22 refers to the limitations in the Right of withdrawal. Paragraph m) says that “providing of accommodation services for other purposes than housing, transportation of goods, car rental services, catering and other services connected to recreational activities when the stipulations in the agreement is established for a certain date or a certain period for execution of such services,”. Single services which is delivered at a certain date or within a certain period applies to all products such as overnights, excursions, transportations and activities.