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Hemsedal Active SA is responsible for you as a customer when ordering your experiences through us. We will ensure you that you get the necessary information before travelling and will contact you if there are significant changes regarding your order. If you need to contact us before or during your stay in Hemsedal, we are available Monday-Friday 08.00-16.00. We can be contacted by phone +47 483 86 018 or email

For product purchased through Hemsedal Aktiv SA, hereinafter "provider".

1. Prices

1.1 The provider is responsible for typographical errors and reserves the right to adjust prices without prior notice.

1.2 The prices are in Norwegian Kroner (NOK)

2. Ordering and payment conditions

2.1 Payment takes place when you book your activity. The activity is not booked and approved before the full amount is paid.

2.2 Once the order is paid we will send you a receipt by e-mail, this is also your ticket to the activity you have booked.

3. Cancellation

3.1 From the buyer’s side.

To cancel or change a booked and paid activity, you must take directly contact with the provider.
Cancellation 7 days before the activity day will give a full refund if not otherwise specified.
Cancellation between 2-6 days before the activity day gives you a 50 % refund
Cancellation between 0-1 days before the activity day gives you no refund.

A change from your side is considered as a cancellation.

In case of illness and a medical certificate, we give a full refund.

These rules apply to the following activities: sledding, dog sledding, snowmobiling, massage, Via Ferrata, river snorkelling, all climbing activities with Hemsedal Fjellsport, moose safari, rental of bicycle, fat bike, canoe / kayak.

3.1.1. Week trip on horseback

Cancellation before 1st of May, gives a full refund.
Cancellation later than 1st of May, Hemsedal Hestesenter will keep a deposit of NOK 1 700,-.

3.1.2: Courses with Fjellsentralen AS

Cancellation of course done 3 weeks before course date will give a full refund.
Cancellation of course less than 3 weeks before will give a 50 % refund.
Cancellation of course one week before will give no refunds.

3.1.3 The event Randonee Academy with Fjellsentralen AS and Harahorn Hotel and Restaurant

Cancellation at least 2 weeks before will give a full refund.
Cancellation for less than 2 weeks will give a 50% refund.
Cancellation 1 week before gives no refunds.
The rule also apply in case of illness and medical certificate. Reimbursement must then go on the participants insurance.

3.1.4 Group bookings for activities (from 10 persons)

Cancellation 2 weeks before the activity will give a full refund.
Cancellation between 6-13 days before the activity gives a 50 % refund.
Cancellation 0-5 days before the activity gives no refund.

3.1.5 Cancellation of packages including accommodation

Cancellation within 42 days before arrival date gives a 100 % refund.
Cancellation between 41-7 days before arrival gives 50 % refund.
Cancellation between 6-2 days before arrival gives 25 % refund.
Cancellation between 0-1 days before arrival gives no refund.

Illness with a medical certificate gives a full refund. Only written cancellations are valid!

3.2 Hemsedal Active SA’s cancellation

3.2.1 Cancellation of the activity can occur if it is not safe to carry out the activity, for example because of the weather conditions. Upon such cancellation it will be given a full refund unless the parties can agree on changing the time and date of the activity.

3.2.2 Seller may cancel the activity if conditions aren’t met, such as the minimum number of participants and so on. If this occurs the provider will notify you the day before the activity. It the parties can’t agree on a different date you will be given a full refund.

4. Who is responsible?

4.1 Buyer is responsible

  • To assess that the participants booked are physical and mentally fit to attend the booked activity.
  • To follow the instructions given before and during the activity.
  • To ensure that the age limit is adhered.
  • To ensure that nobody booked shows up at the activity under influence of alcohol. If this occurs, that person will not be able to participate in the activity, and will get no refund.
  • To meet up at the right place at the right time as indicated on the ticket.

4.2 Hemsedal Active SA is responsible

  • To provide right information about the time, day, pricing, age limit, what the activity entails and where it takes place.
  • Reserve the right to refuse a participant to join the activity if those persons are a safety threat.

4.3 The supplier is responsible

  • That the activity goes as planned according to the description of the activity
  • Everything that is needed to do go through with the activity according to insurance, permits, equipment, staffing etc.

5. Product-specific terms

5.1 Rental of canoe and kayaks

The person renting a canoe is responsible for the canoes and its equipment.
If the canoe is destroyed or stolen while in the care of the person renting it, he/she has the liability to compensate Hemsedal Fjellsport AS with NOK 5 000,- for each canoe. Loss of an oar or a lifejacket is compensated with NOK 700,-. You have to show a valid ID when renting a canoe or kayak.
The renters agree to the following: use of the equipment can be harmful to the body and life, their own health by any accident and all rented equipment.
Everyone must, by Norwegian law, bring a life jacket/life west in the canoes and kayaks.

5.2 Rental of bicycles and fatbikes

The insurance covers minor damages of the bicycle. By total damage or thief of bicycle the customer obligates to pay NOK 4 000,- for suspension bikes, NOK 2 000,- for mountain bikes and fatbikes and NOK 1 000 for children’s bike. A stolen bicycle must be reported to the police and the customer must be present to fill out the necessary forms for the report. The customer is obligated to pay NOK 10 000 if the suspension bicycles is stolen and NOK 5 000,- if a mountainbike or fatbike is stolen.
N.B! Suspension bicycles must not be left unclosed or be taken out of the resort unless otherwise is agreed. Valid ID must be shown to rent.

5.3. Rental of Via Ferrata equipment

All climbing at Via Ferrata on Little Røggjin without guide from Hemsedal Fjellsport AS is at your own risk. You must have the knowledge it takes to climb Via Ferrata at a safe way and use approved Via Ferrata equipment. If you discover damage or error at the Via Ferrata route you must report to Hemsedal Fjellsport by phone +47 94 21 41 11 or email You are not cover by any insurance from the owner of the Via Ferrata route.
The guided tours with Hemsedal Fjellsport have first priority to climb the route.

6. Complaints

6.1 If a participant wants to complain about an activity, it must be discussed with the provider at the first opportunity.

6.2 The complaint must be in writing, and received no later than one week after the booked activity took place.

6.3 Any lawsuit against provider is adjusted by Norwegian Law.

7. Force Majeure

7.1 Both parties have the right to withdraw from the agreement if the activity can’t be completed as a result of acts of war, natural disasters, labour conflicts, extended interruption of water or energy supply, fire or similar major events that neither party has been able to predict or influence.

8. Privacy

8.1 When you book an activity, you must register an email address, name, address and a phone number. This information will only be available for the supplier of the activity you have ordered and only used to contact you regarding the activity if needed.

8.2 By using this website you agree that we may store cookies in your browser. "Cookies" – is a standard technology that virtually all sites uses today. Information we collect is used to make our website better for our customers. The information will only be used internally and will not be passed to others. We never store information that can identify you personally. If you use the "remember me" or "auto login" functions, a cookie will be stored so you can log in automatically.

9. Groups

9.1 Hemsedal Active SA can help you to book for a larger group. We can help you with activities, transportation, food and accommodation. Contact us by phone or email for an offer.

10. Last updated

10.1 This agreement was last updated 12.07.2018.

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