Dog sledding

Drive your own team with huskies or just relax in the sled. Adults NOK 1200,-. Children 3-9 years NOK 600,-.


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Dog sledding

Eikre / Lykkja

Hemsedal Huskies og Hemsedal Sykkelutleie

Your chosen pick up location

The day before, 16:00


Drive your own team with 5-6 friendly huskies or just relax in the sledge.

The guide drive his own team in front and the participants team will follow. You don't need any experience with dog sledding, just the desire to try something new and exciting.

The pick up is at your chosen location and time, 09.00 or 13.00. We have tre different pick up locations, so it can take up to 15 minutes before you get picked up at your chosen pick up location. The activity lasts approx. 3 hours incl. transportation and preparation.

There are two persons per dog sledge. The dog sledding tour takes a little more than one hour. It will be a stop during the trip, where you can change to drive the dog sled if you want to.

Children from 0-2 years goes for free.

During the Norwegian holidays we recommend to book in advance because of high demand.